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Edgebanding machinery

Edgebanding machinery

Achieve flawless edges on your panels with our exceptional edgebanding machinery. Eliminate chipping, improve aesthetics, and create a professional finish that enhances your product value.


CNC machinery

Unleash the power of precision with our state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Take control of complex cuts, intricate designs, and repetitive tasks, achieving unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

CNC Machinery


Experience clean, accurate cuts with our robust beam saws. Maximize yield, minimize waste, and achieve consistent results for all your panel cutting needs.



e precise and efficient drilling for all your woodworking projects with our versatile drilling machines. From simple dowel holes to intricate joinery, our machines offer the power, accuracy, and features you need to elevate your craftsmanship.


Drilling & Hinge Fitting Insertion

treamline your furniture assembly process with our innovative drilling and hinge fitting insertion machines.Achieve perfect hinge placement and secure fastening in a single, efficient operation, saving time and ensuring consistent results.


Clean air extraction solutions

Breathe easy and maintain a healthy work environment with our top-of-the-line clean air extraction solutions. Eliminate dust, fumes, and airborne particles, ensuring optimal working conditions and protecting your machinery from harmful contaminants.

Clean air extraction solutions
BrikStar Briquetting Machine

Wood Waste Briquette Machines

Transform leftover wood waste into a valuable resource with our industrial-grade wood waste briquette machines.Reduce waste disposal expenses, generate a sustainable heat source, and create eco-friendly briquettes for various applications.


Assembly solutions

Streamline your assembly process and elevate product quality with our efficient and user-friendly assembly solutions. From clamping systems to dowel jigging, we offer everything you need to create a seamless and accurate assembly workflow.


Maintenance & glue storage solutions

Maximize your equipment uptime and ensure consistent results with our comprehensive maintenance and glue storage solutions. Keep your machinery in top condition and extend its lifespan while optimizing glue application for a flawless finish.

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How we helped ACME co to improve efficiency by 15%

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Fen UK have completely revolutionised our production process and allowed us to produce the best product finish we've ever had.

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