Applying release agent-free fluids – at LcM® we have developed our Ultra-Thin nozzle for precisely this purpose. This type of nozzle is used exclusively with the CLOU® and thus forms the complete fluid supply including application in combination.

The aim of the Ultra-Thin is, as its name suggests, the extremely fine and well-dosed atomisation of the fluids used without any overspray. At the same time, we focus on low air and liquid consumption during spraying. All in all, a very economical nozzle that is child’s play to use.

Ultra easy to use, ultra finely adjustable, ultra economical: our Ultra-Thin nozzle is without question one of the most important parts of our LcM® portfolio when it comes to optimal spraying technology. For us, as with the VOC-containing agents, the nozzle and in this case the CLOU® belong inseparably together. Only in combination can we direct the chemical agents used directly from the canister to the respective spraying points and wet workpieces, tools & co. with the appropriate agents.

The different lances, which we can combine with our Ultra-Thin nozzle, are helpful for solving individual problems and tasks. In this way, we achieve a precise application of the liquids even in the most diverse positions and with the most diverse workpieces, so that they can act exactly where they are needed. Like the premium two-substance nozzle, the Ultra-Thin also has our popular haptic feedback. The click sound when adjusting the spray intensity makes repeated adjustment of the nozzle particularly easy and also allows this to be done in hard-to-reach and out-of-sight positions.

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