The experience we have gained in recent years has made us even more aware of how important it is to have the right combination of fluids and spraying technology. Both should be optimally coordinated to achieve the best possible results on the workpiece. With our latest premium two-substance nozzle, we therefore show once again how valuable high-quality technology can be for your results.

The black Venturi nozzle, which with its minimalist design exactly matches LcM® and our products, is particularly convincing with its even spray pattern and finest adjustability. We use the self-priming nozzle for chemical agents containing release agents and, thanks to the haptic feedback on the knurled screw, it offers particularly simple and small-step adjustment options.

VOC-containing agents are applied at LcM® exclusively with the help of the premium two-substance nozzle in combination with the spraying system. The spraying system is electronically controlled and the respective spraying points can be controlled and triggered independently of the machine controls thanks to the integrated control unit. Individually programmed by our service team for you and your requirements, several input signals such as those from light barriers can be processed.

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